Pinch Method For Diabetes & 6 Amazing Benefits

Pinch Method For Diabetes is an old Chinese medicine treatment. It was created to treat Diabetes and high blood pressure.

This is a very simple method by which people with Diabetes can regulate their blood sugar levels.

When you have Diabetes, it means that your pancreas is not producing enough insulin or the cells of your body are not responding properly to insulin.

This causes a rapid increase of glucose in the bloodstream, leading to complications such as kidney failure, blindness, and heart attacks.

It is not just a disease; it also leads to complications when one cannot control their blood sugar levels. Therefore, more people are now seeking medical treatment for Diabetes than ever.  

There are different types of Diabetes, and some require different treatments. Most diabetes treatments include pills for managing blood sugar or insulin shots for Type I Diabetes.

Today we will discuss Pinch Method and its benefits and learn how to use it. The Pinch Method For Diabetes is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment Dr. Liu created in the early 20th century.

What is the Pinch Method For Diabetes?

This method involves holding the thumb and index finger of one hand just above the wrist of the other hand.

Pinch Method For Diabetes
Pinch Method For Diabetes

And exerting pressure on this part of the wrist to activate a point on the meridians called Yin Tang, which is located between the two tendons inside each wrist.

The Yin Tang is an acupuncture point on the meridians believed to correspond to the pancreas. This point has two functions; It releases insulin into the bloodstream and breaks down glucose into energy.

This method was created to treat Diabetes, among other illnesses such as high blood pressure.  

In some cases, people who did not have Diabetes were also treated with this method because it helped break up fat cells and prevent obesity.

How to Do the Pinch Method?

To do this method, you will need four things.

  1. The first is a high-quality quartz crystal, which you can get from your local crystal store.
  2. The second stuff is natural genuine leather gloves because the thumb and index finger we will be using to hold the quartz crystal are bare, and it will be uncomfortable for the person if they have artificial leather gloves.
  3. A medicine bottle that can hold about 20 oz of liquid. Grab that bottle from your local drugstore and use it as a medicine bottle for the pinch method for Diabetes.
  4. A plastic bag to put the quartz in.

This is how you will do it.

  1. While keeping your hand straight, place the thumb at the base of your wrist (yin tang) and the index finger on top of the thumb while keeping your other fingers straight, holding a high-quality quartz crystal between them.
  2. Have someone put this quartz crystal between your thumb and index finger.
  3. At the same time, you need to hold the liquid bag in your other hand while keeping the other three fingers straight and holding an empty medicine bottle that can hold 20 oz in the same hand.
  4. Finally, press hard on the bag while closing your fist with your other hand and keep it there for a few seconds before relaxing.
  5. Every time you do this, it will help the medicine in the bag be released into your wrist and then circulate through the rest of the body, including your pancreas.

Every time you do this, 10-15 minutes will suffice for a short treatment for Diabetes. However, Dr. Liu says doing this daily for about 30 minutes can help blood sugar levels.

6 Benefits Of the Pinch Method

1. This method is very simple to use and requires minimal effort. It can be used by anyone just by applying a little pressure on the wrist with the thumb and index finger of one hand at the same time and keeping this pressure for around 20-30 seconds

If you touch right on center, it can be done in less than 10 seconds, causing insulin release and breaking down glucose into energy.

2. It can make your blood sugar levels normal or very close to normal.

3. It increases glucose production in the pancreas, thus increasing insulin levels in the bloodstream and making it easier for your body to absorb it into cells.  

It is a very good method to regulate your blood sugar levels because of its ease and effectiveness.

4. It can balance your hormones and boost their function, leading to a more stable mood and better stress management.

Females who suffered from pituitary disease and used this method experienced a good reduction in estrogen levels.

This could explain why women who use this method usually have fewer mood swings and hormonal problems.

5 . It can reduce fat because it increases your body’s ability to utilize glucose as energy, thus leading to weight loss by stopping glucose production (the main energy source for fat cells).

6. It can also prevent cancer, Diabetes, and eye disorders such as glaucoma and cataracts.  

Is there any Risk Of The Pinch Method

This method is very safe to use. You can use it whenever you feel like even before and after meals.  It is very common to pinch the wrist to relieve stress or anxiety.

Remember, this method doesn’t use needles or light touch; therefore, if used in moderation with strict self-control and adherence to a healthy lifestyle, there are no risks of this method.

What is the pinch method for type 2 Diabetes?

If type 2 diabetes is your problem, combining the pinch method with other steps that can help you get and stay healthy may be good.

Combining the pinch method with other healthy lifestyle activities can help keep blood sugar levels in check.

In addition, using this method will assist in lowering cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of some chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, among others.

10-Second Ritual To Lower Blood Sugar

  1. Activate the pinch point by pinching the two wrist points with two fingers of your opposite hand.
  2. Your thumb and index finger should be in a right-angle position (as if pointing at someone), and you should apply slight pressure while pinching.
  3. Ensure that your thumb squeezes one finger, and your index finger squeezes the other (you can use your other hand to test which finger is squeezed).  
  4. Hold for 20-30 seconds.
  5. Relax for about 10 seconds.
  6. Repeat for another 20-30 seconds.
  7. Relax for about 10 seconds again.
  8. Repeat until you feel that the blood sugar level has been normalized and your body is used to the treatment.

What Is Dr. McMullin’s pinch method for Diabetes?

Dr. McMullin has created this method, and it’s very effective in lowering blood sugar levels. You must pinch the wrist with your thumb and finger for about 20-30 seconds.

At the same time, you have to hold something while you do the pinch. Anyone can use this method because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

One thing that makes this method effective is increasing insulin levels, which reduces glucose levels in the bloodstream.

The Bottom Line

At last, we can say Pinch Method For Diabetes is a very effective way to manage your Diabetes.  This method can be used by both type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients.

The pinch method is very simple to use and requires very little effort. It can also be used by applying a little pressure on the wrist with the thumb and index finger of one hand simultaneously, keeping it for about 20-30 seconds to produce natural insulin in the body.

This is a very effective way to control blood sugar levels.

I hope you enjoy this article about Pinch Method For Diabetes. You can better understand how Diabetes works and how to manage this disease using natural methods.

I believe the information contained in this article will help you improve your knowledge about the Pinch Method For Diabetes.

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