How Often Should You Change Your Pad? Best Guide To Help You

How often should you change your pad,” is the most confusing question for many. Some change two pads per day, and some changes pad every four hours. Then what’s the right one?

Well, many believed that wearing clothes is enough and comfortable. But the doctor highly recommends using a pad and tampons.

Using a cloth and reusing it can hold germs that can spread serious health problems. Social, financial, educational, and environmental belief works as the most significant factor behind managing the menstrual period.

In rural areas, people still believe using a pad frequently is just a waste of money. But the truth is, if you wear a sanitary pad more than it needs, you can catch infections, severe diseases, and even cancer.

Here in this article, we’ll know about the need for changing pads, the time gap you should give to change places, and also about using tampons. Read the entire article to clear up all your confusion about pads and tampons.

How often should you change your pad?

The doctors recommend changing pads for 4 hours when you’re on your period. However, the answer to the question depends on several factors.

The most noticeable one is the flow. Also, it depends on your age and the day of your period. Especially the 3rd and 4th days are the ones when you flow the heaviest.

But if you think pads only hold up your blood, then you’re wrong. Even if you’re not bleeding, it’s essential that you not forget to change the pads frequently.

How Often Should You Change Your Pad
How Often Should You Change Your Pad

The reason behind this is, the spreading of bacteria. When you’re on your period, your body releases bacteria too.

This one works as a natural fertilizer. So maintaining hygiene these days of the month is essential. Skipping the frequent change of pads can never be a good step. You might not see the blood.

Still, the bacteria is growing up. And if you have the same pad on for a longer time, it can create infections and odor.

To stay away from the bacteria, it’s enough if you change pads every six to eight hours. But wearing one for more than eight hours can be risky.

What happens when you wear a pad too long?

Now that you know that changing the pad every 8 hours is essential, you should know what risks you contain if you do not regularly modify the pads.

First of all, wearing a damp pad is unhygienic and can give you a filthy feeling. And if we talk about health issues, then tract infection, yeast infection is the most common damp pad. Also, you can suffer from rashes and itching for the germs you’re carrying on a pad.

Besides, can you wear a pad for 8 hours when you get careless about changing the pad timely, you can face leakage. This leaves stains on your clothes and wherever you sit.

Can you wear a pad for 8 hours?

Though the most recommended time of wearing a pad is four hours, many feel it safe to wear it for 6 to 8 hours. Then what’s the difference? Doesn’t it carry infection and cancer risks?

Confusing questions. Right? Well, the reason behind it is the pressure of the flow. If you flow heavier, it wouldn’t be comfortable to wear the same pad for eight hours. It may consist of the leakage possibility as well as infarction risks.

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Also, your period may get heavy suddenly. Then it would help if you changed the pad every four hours. But on the days when you’re not bleeding that heavily you can wear a pad for 6 to 8 hours.

When you sleep at night, it’s impossible to weaken up to change the pad. Then you can wear the same pad overnight. And sleep time shouldn’t get more than 8 hours.

Although if you see leakage and blood coming out at night, you should change it immediately. Else you can get terrible rashes on the skin.

Should you change your pad every time you pee?

Well, we’ve already come to know about changing the pad every 4 hours. But whenever you’re on period, it’s natural to leak urine. And urine contamination in your pad can get dangerous.

As menstruation needs extra hygiene, you wouldn’t want to hold any risk by wearing a urine-contaminated pad.

Also, a pad can hold only 24 ounces of blood. If you leave urine, it gets no space for any blood. Then you might get accidental leakage. So, it’s essential to change the pad every time.

So when you need to change your pad will only depend on two factors. One if your pad gets full somehow. And the other one is the time limit. Wearing a place for more than eight hours contains high risks.

How often should I change my pad at school?

When your school is on, and you’re on your period, would you miss the classes? It should be a big “NO.” A woman spends almost ten years of her life on period. It’s about 3,500 days. So, you can’t waste ten years of experience because of the period.

So, you need to know how you can tackle period-related issues quickly. As: cramps, hygiene, mood swings, etc. As a part of period hygiene, you must change your pad from time to time. On average, every student spends about 6-7 hours.

Change My Pad At School

And spending 7 hours without changing pads is nothing less than a health risk. So, always carry a pad with you. You can change it after 4 hours till you wore it. If the flow is more massive, then you might need to change the pad more often.

Not only when you’re in school, but also wearing a pad for more than a maximum of 8 hours is risky. So, have different consciousness and change your sanitary pad from time to time.

The Bottom Line

Hygiene has always been a significant issue during your period days. And changing the menstrual instruments is essential to maintain proper hygiene. Menstrual unhygienic ness can cause viral infections. So, changing the pads and tampons from time to time can never be an optional thing.

In the period days, always carry a pad, tampon, cup, or any menstrual instruments that can help you to avoid leakage. These day tampons and cups are holding great popularity for the comfort they provide. These are nothing challenging to maintain.

Also, they never are shy about asking for menstrual-related advice. Thanks for reading. I hope this article helped you to know about the most asked menstrual associated questions. Now you know your answer to how often should you change your pad? Also, the tampon related answers. These pieces of information are significant ones that many women feel shy to discuss.

Don’t forget to pass the article to your sisters, friends, and all the other women in your family. This will help them to understand the proper way of maintaining menstrual hygiene.

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